Posted by: tnowotny | March 22, 2011

something personal – a new hip

Life quality had become very impaired by growing pains in the left hip. I was counseled to have the joint replaced by an artificial one; and limping home from just two hours of cross – country skiing convinced me that this had been a proper counsel. I was operated upon last Friday, March 11th; am back from the hospital since last Saturday; and only can marvel at what modern medicine can do. Had I bee born 20 years earlier, I would have become confined to the wheelchair . Instead I just finished  my first round accross the Karlsplatz and  enjoyed the spring – sun. I will start rehab in two weeks or so; but should things continue the way they evolve now; these weeks of rehab will be more of vacations than   weeks of hospitalm confinement. Yes – and as always – life would also be different were it not for Eva; helpful, rational, sometimes stern but ever  warm – hearted and loving


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