Posted by: tnowotny | May 5, 2011

Nasty surprises if you leave the realm of your usual contacts

After having received  an artificial hip joint, I found myself  interned in a rehab station in Baden near to Vienna. The city – which I had not really known before – is charming, full of lush gardes and Biedermeier houses. The rehab station (or better : four star hotel ) is very well managed. The health staff seems highly qualified and efficient. The treatments have been very effective. I am nearly back at my normal gait.

The strange thing though is that I find myself in intense conversation with people I usually do not meet. They come from all accross the social strata: vinters, teachers, sales clerks, medical staff and medical doctors, etc.

One discovery emerging from these encounters  is rather scary though: All of these people, from sales clerk up to the doctors of this establishment seem to share a wholesale for politics and for politicians. The latter are seen as utterly corrupt ans self – serving, being a burden on the commonwealth and not its trusted guardians.

Here in middst of wealth, in middst of this charming and well run little town, here with all these people pampered by the Austria  welfare system, here I have to realize that the base of it all might be crumbling


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