Posted by: tnowotny | January 7, 2014

Mobilze Austrian Social Democrats for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament

The Populist/ Nationalist/ Extreme  Political Right has been gearing up for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. They have formed a single group in this body so as to increase their political weight.

In Austria, there is a specific danger that main stream voters will not go to the polls, leaving the field to these forces on the extreme and anti European Right, with the so called Freedom Party ( FPÖ ) emerging as the winner in these elections. That bodes ill for Austria and for Europe.

In the party cell I belog to  ( it is the slightly dissident “Sektion 8”). I thus have initiated a motion to  have the party providing a strronger back – up to the elections; and to organize public hearings with the candidates it has chosen to run – this is an experiment for “action from below”. Watching what will become of it should be interesting


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