Having retired from the Austrian Diplomatic Service and from other remunerated functions at international organizations and Austrian corporations, I had continued holding seminars on international relations and political economy at the University of Vienna up to 2013. Yet till today I still continue tutoring master thesis and doctoral dissertations; and – of course – I continue publishing, with my most recent book ( Written in German ) being on the political place, function and program of Social Democracy “Das Projekt Sozialdemokratie: überholt?? gescvheitert??? zukunftsweisend???”

Prior to that recent phase in my life and having followed my spouse who had been appointed ambassador to the US, I had lived in Washington from autumn of 2003 till the autumn of 2008. While there, I was employed as senior advisor on corporate development and international affairs by the “Austria Wirtschaftsservice AWSG” (an Austrian guarantee and development bank). My tasks had included cooperation and coordination with the Washington based International Financial Institutions on publically financed development projects ( mainly in Central and Southeast Europe ); as well as reporting on US trends in the promotion of high technology and in support of small- and medium enterprise.

From 2001 to 2003 I had been senior advisor on corporate development and international affairs at the AWSG ( see above ) in Vienna,  being engaged in corporate development and in international projects, and in particular in development assistance projects that were carried out by AWS on behalf of the Austrian Ministry of Finance.

1997 – 2000: (while my wife was ambassador to the court of St James): Senior Political Counsellor at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), London. The tasks included: input into country strategies; assessments of political risks; evaluating the client countries’ conformity with the “political conditionality” of EBRD assistance; input into the flagship publication “Transition Report”; and participation in decisions on individual EBRD projects.

1993 – 1997: Counsellor at the Paris, OECD Centre for Co – Operation with Economies in Transition. The main assignments were: input into the general programme and strategy of the centre; as well as into the design and execution of individual projects and programmes; fund raising with bilateral donors for the center’s programme; member of a three person team for the international, midterm evaluation of the center’s work.

1983 – 1993: head of the department for policy planning (”Grundsatzabteilung”) and Council of Europe affairs at the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: promoting horizontal communication between the various departments; widening the interface between the Austrian diplomacy and academia; input into in-house training and learning; speechwriting for the minister; the privilege of writing position papers on any subject that might become relevant for Austrian diplomacy; and for eight consecutive publications: editor (and partly writer) of the annual (900 page) official “Austria Foreign Policy Yearbook” (addressed to parliament but also sold to the public).

1978-1983: with the (internal) rank of an ambassador as Consul General in New York.

1975 – 1978: diplomatic postings in Cairo.

1970 – 1975: private secretary to the Austrian Federal Chancellor Bruno Kreisky. Certainly, this had been the station in my professional life that had affected me most deeply with bone grinding, exhilarating and demanding work for a politician who is generally credited with having left a lasting and positive imprint upon Austria’s political culture.

1964 – 1969: Consul and Deputy Head of the Austrian Information Service in New York.

1963: military service at the Militärwissenschaftliche Abteilung at the Austrian Ministry of Defence.

1961: examen prealable – entry into the Austrian diplomatic service.

1960: Austrian Institute of Economic Research –WIFO (work under the then desk officer for industrial policies, the late Austrian Minister of Finance Stefan Koren).



Ever since my first return from the United States in 1983, I had held seminars and lectures at the University of Vienna. Based on that actiivity and on my publications I had been granted the license to teach ( ” Habilitation” ) in 1994. As mentioned above, I continued teaching till 2013.
In a first phase I concentrated on European affairs; later on and in parallel with my activiies at the OECD and the EBRD, I dwelt upon he issue of political “transition” in the formerly Communist countries- Over the last years, I mainly dealt with the vast topic of global trends and global governance ( the subject of two of my more recent books ). By now, I no longer hold seminars; but I continue tutoring students writing their master’s thesis or doctoral dissertationunder my supervision.

I very much enjoyed teaching and hope to have instilled in my students the urge to know and the pleasure of doing research. I thus was pleased to have been awarded an “excellence in teaching award” by the Vienna University.

MAIN PUBLICATIONS: ( see also separate entry under “publications” )

The book on Social Democracy, mentioned above, ( Das Projekt Sozialdemokratie: überholt?? gescheitert?? zukunftsweisend?? ) had been published by the “Studienverlag Innsbruck in December 0f 2016. In it I argue that the dramatic changes in the structure of the economy have made for rising inequality and unemployment; for he loss of spontaneous solidarity and the disappearance of public space” . The economic and political dominance of finance has made for recurring and ever deeper crisis. Social democracy has to react by a shift towards the left.

“Diplomacy and Global Governance – The Diplomatic Service in an Age of World- Wide Interdependence” had been published by Transaction Press in 2011.

A broader view on global trends is provided by an earlier book ” “Strawberries in Winter; on Global Trends and Global Governance” It had been published in 2005.

I also was the main editor and contributor to a book on “US – Europe: Diverging Partners”.

Next to some other books I had written before, and next to contrinbutions to books, I had wriiten numerous articlesin Austrian, US, British and German general interest magazines and in political science journals.

In teaching as well as in writing, I mainly deal with issues that have a bearing on ongoing policy discussions and policy decisions. Theoretical questions and issues are touched upon to the extent only that they are policy – relevant. In that vein I had written on globalization and global interdependence; on security policy and strategies; on the deficiencies of “classical economics” in explaining th real world; on development economics; on transatlantic relations; on the development of formerly Communist countries; etc. Many of my publications had been written in nglish; less so those published since my return from the United States.

As mentioned above, I had been granted the formal license to teach at Austrian universities (“Dozentur”) in 1994 and also had lectured at the Austrian Diplomatic Academy. Between 2008 and 2016 had been president of the Austrian Chapter of the “Society for International Development”; I still am member of the International Studies Association; of the Austrian Political Science Association; I had been member of the scientific advisory board of the Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW ); member of a Board that supports the work of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis – IIASA; member of the scientific advisory board of Vienna based Austrian Institute for International Studies (ÖIIP); fellow of the Aspen Institute; of the Rockefeller Bellagio Center, and of the Salzburg Seminar on Global Studies.I cannot suppress mentioning that I had been ranked number three on a list of candidates for the directorship of the renowned London IISS = International Institute of Strategic Studies.


Born: 13 June, 1937,

Married to Ambassador Dr Eva Nowotny, who, at present, is chairperson of the “Universitätsrat” of the Vienna University; and president of the Austrian UNESCO Commission

One daughter Katinka Nowotny – journalist for CNN and the Austrian television ORF; two grandchildren

Parents (both deceased); Dr Franz Nowotny (senior civil servant at the Ministry of Agriculture); and Dr Margarethe Nowotny (professor at a “Realgymnasium”)

Education: primary school in Vienna; Realgymnasium in Vienna ( graduation. 1955); University of Vienna, faculty of law ( doctorate 1960); Fulbright student, Hope College Michigan (bachelor’s degree in American studies 1959 ); postgraduate studies in Paris 1960

Skills: bilingual English/German; French


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